Assessment Indexes

·  Innovation which will include: inventions, innovative activities for business startup and development as well as utilization of modern knowledge-based technologies in the production and service processes,

·  New products or services

·  Employment creation: number of active workers insured and employees having technical, human …, skills.

· Export of products or services

· Risk-taking: entry into the new business ventures such as new markets

· Foresight (future planning); preparation of business plans, strategic plans and various plans for financial and human resource development, optimization of energy consumption/ conservation and …

· Productivity and human resource development; employment of consulting companies for improvement of productivity, empowerment of human resources and establishment of new managerial systems and …

· Undertaking social responsibility and supporting the underprivileged groups: entrepreneurs’ accomplishments and social and ethical concerns

· Scientific and cultural services: formal education, scientific publications, attendance in application-oriented courses, participation in professional, training, promotional and charity plans and practices.

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